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Pro-Aging Positivity

‘Eff your Aging Standards’ a new T-shirt and art print offering. Handmade goods with age positive purpose including gems like “Survivor/Thriver’, ‘Anti-Anti-Aging’ and ‘We Count’.  Support and share this important message. Don’t let society dictate how you age. Now available at . 


Boomer Bents is a light-hearted look at how Baby Boomers are redefining retirement.  A series of pro-aging profiles giving some fun consumer insights into this unique target audience.  Created by Elisa Prashad, President of Boomer Branding.  To see more, visit

adult ballet

Ballet is a fantastic Boomer workout – exercising the brain as well as the body. A great core work-out, improves balance, flexibility, mood and muscle-tone. Adult ballet is growing and becoming more accessible to older dancers. The National Ballet of Canada offers some great classes – From beginner to expert, these classes are designed to set your inner dancer free !

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