Baby boomer Aging Trends

Here are some baby boomer aging trends as they enter their senior years. Topics are updated regularly that cover main themes of real estate, health, finances and family.

Boomers are reinventing retirement and what it means to age in our society.

Read on for some Boomer Bents & other insights into older adults.

The Silver Lining of Quarantine - How to Thrive at Home!

Many Boomers are deciding to be safe and stay at home as much as possible. So as we continue to settle into our routines at home, there is a silver lining of it all. Consider using this time creatively and read on to get inspired for some new things to try this fall…

LEARN A NEW HEALTHY RECIPE – Dust off an old cookbook and discover a new gem. Try cooking a new ethnic food or discover a new ingredient you haven’t used before – perhaps an immune booster like turmeric or ginger. Why not make a curry?

GET GROWING! – Indoors or out, there are so many benefits to adding plants to your home.  Sow some seeds, grow a veggie or herb garden or flowers for your home.

UPGRADE YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS– Could your online skills use a boost? Well now is the time to do it! Learn to online shop or bank, download an app like Sirius radio or a library reader, these digital skills open new possibilities for commerce, connection and growth.

NATURE IN YOUR BACKYARD– Have you wondered if mother earth put us all in a time out so animals can reclaim their rightful place in our world and the earth can heal? No matter where you live, take time to observe your local wildlife – they are out and enjoying the present peace to roam and be free so expect some surprises can show up.

DO THE DEEP CLEAN – Attack the cobwebs, dust, crumbs and other neglected nasties in your home. Cleaning up is not only good exercise but will improve air quality and the results are oh so satisfying to see.

JOURNAL- As we find ourselves in a period of history-making significance, what better time to start journaling. Putting pen to paper and writing out your daily thoughts and experiences helps improve your mental health and can even become a memoir passed down through your family.

GO TO SCHOOL– Many universities and training organizations are offering free online courses to try. There’s a wide array of subjects with so much to learn – give it a try!

CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER– We’ve gotten so busy in our lives that now is a super opportunity to take stock of what you have at home. What’s important to you? What is just taking up space? Tidying drawers, closets and sheds helps you refrain from over-buying and makes use of your existing supplies.

GET CRAFTY… FOR THE CAUSE – Sewing facemasks, making cookies for an elderly neighbour or decorating your window to boost morale are just a few ways of getting creative while caring.

GET IN SOME ‘FACETIME’ – Bonding and build relationships with your spouse, kids and grandkids is key right now. Connecting with Skype or phone to familiar faces and voices is reassuring that we are not alone.

HOST A ZOOM PARTY– Get social with friends while at home. Have afternoon tea or a’ quarantini’ at a Zoom online cocktail party. Dress up, have a theme, it’s a fun time for all.

CHARITY FROM HOME– Kindness is not cancelled. There is a huge and growing need now for support services in the community. Do you have excess food or can donate? 

DO SOME DOOR DROPS – Puzzles, books and other ‘boredom busters’ can be shared with friends. Door drops of food and fun are unexpected surprises that show you care.

EMBRACE A NATURAL LIFE – Globally, air quality is improving and animals are returning to cities and towns. environment. Why not go natural and earth-friendly in your home too? Take a break from make-up and hair colour, nail and lash treatments and make your own natural cleaners.

 SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS– Our local shops are suffering. Many are closed, some might permanently shut.  There are many ways to avoid Amazon (where profits are priority over workers’ safety and paying fair taxation).  Local shops have now pivoted to provide curbside pick-up and to stock essential items so order take-away and do your part to keep them in business.

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS– Now is a great time to reconnect with neighbours…at a safe distance. Chatting outdoors and getting social supports each other and builds community.

PLAY BOARD GAMES!– Board games have come a long way since Monopoly. Learning a new game is great exercise for the brain. New cooperative games encourage players to work together to win. Try a new title, support an indie game publisher – try to find a game for you.

GRATITUDE– Take time to look around and see what you have to be grateful for. Our home, our health and sunshine each day. Be thankful for the front-line workers and healthcare heroes that are working hard to keeping people safe and alive. All that is asked of us, is that we stay put. It’s not a huge sacrifice – it’s the least we can do.

What’s key to remember that this is a unique period in our lives.  We can take this time to reset or even transform our lives for the better. While safe at home you can still push out of your comfort zones to try new things and have new and enjoyable experiences.

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Trends In Aging

Pro-Aging Positivity

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Boomers are rediscovering board games.  New board games have evolved since Monopoly and there is a vast array of themes, titles and game styles to suit a discerning Boomer. Learning a new game is great brain fitness and way to socialize with friends a family. Here’s some great new game to discover at Analog Game Studios.

adult ballet

Ballet for older adults is a growing trend.  It’s a fantastic Boomer workout – exercising the brain as well as the body. It also improves balance, flexibility, mood and muscle-tone. Adult ballet is becoming more accessible to older dancers as well and many dance studios now give the option virtual classes. We especially like the The National Ballet of Canada classes from beginner to experienced.

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