B2B – Business to Boomers

Our approach utilizes the KEY SUCCESS PRINCIPLES when targeting older consumers.

We are AGE- POSITIVE and support an aging & changing lifestyle.

We are AUTHENTIC and respectful.

We DELIVER messages when and where Boomers want to see them.

We DEMONSTRATE a commitment to a Boomer customer’s well-being.


A Boomer’s focus has changed over the past few years. It’s now a time of transition…becoming empty-nesters, heading into retirement or a new career. There is a focus more on health and spending time with family.


Boomers are willing to spend money on products and services they believe will help them achieve long and more active lives. They are decisive consumers and often tend towards impulse purchasing.


Both front-end and back-end Boomers enjoy their brands Рif they perceive value from them. When an offering is reliable, well-made, useful and trustworthy РBoomers will buy! As the top consumer group, Baby Boomers demand attention and will reward you with loyalty and longevity. Boomer Branding provides experience  to connect with the 55+ and grow your business.

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