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"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." Jonathan Swift

Boomer Branding provides integrated marketing solutions for businesses looking to connect with the 55+.

Boomer Branding is led by Elisa Prashad, a 20+ year expert in marketing seniors care and services across Canada.  Elisa has held senior marketing roles with Revera, Amica, Origin and most recently Lifetimes Living. 

Boomer Branding works with clients in a wide array of industries and has the marketing know-how to brand your company’s product or service to resonate with an older audience. 

Baby Boomers have a unique buying behavior – one that is often ignored by most businesses.  Tap into this lucrative audience with our help. Boomer Branding offers both online and traditional media approaches to maximize your ROI and drive older consumers to your business.

Motivating mature buyers requires a deep understanding of the unique generation of older consumers in the marketplace today.

This generation is continually re-inventing itself and changing societal views along the way.  The fifty-five plus are redefining aging and covet products and services that cater to their ageless views of themselves.

They strive to remain healthy, vital and connected well into their advanced years. At Boomer Branding we employ pro-aging strategy and outreach to ensure strong engagement and response.

We work with your business to attract older consumers, to create demand and drive sales.

Grow your mature market segment with Boomer Branding’s proven B2B (Business to Boomers) marketing strategies.

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