SMARTsocial is social media marketing designed for seniors!

At Boomer Branding, we specialize in attracting older consumers to your online channels. Good website design and social media strategy are important to your lead pipeline.

Boomer and Seniors are now more comfortable with online shopping, video-conferencing, and getting social on Facebook. They are spending more time and more money online.  

With SMARTsocial, we help you increase your online sales to Boomers using the following –

  • Utilize action-oriented STRATEGY
  • Drive MORE QUALIFIED LEADS to your sales team
  • Use the RIGHT social channels
  • Create CUSTOM CONTENT for your audience

With more Boomers online than ever before, it’s a great time to boost your online efforts in social media marketing for seniors. Connect with us to get started, we love getting social with Seniors. Visit us on our socials to see what we’re all about. (Our profiles are all linked at the bottom of this page).  Connect with us online!


We fine-tune your Google Business page, develop and run Google AdWords Campaigns to draw new leads to your website.


We actively post on your Facebook page ad well as run targeted Facebook Ads to engage seniors and grow your target audience.


We design websites and offer SEO services to maximize older viewers to your site always optimizing them for the best Boomer experience.

grow your business on social!